What Are The Benefits of Tooth Fillings?

Nowadays the conservation of tooth structure has become a serious issue for many people because of the diet and overall lifestyle. The high content of sugar in our daily food acts as a catalyst for many tooth decaying organisms that are present in the oral cavity. They might go unnoticed during their dormant phase but once they become activated, they can destroy the entire outer layer of the teeth and also affect gum health. We all seek that natural appearance of our teeth beautifies our smile and boosts our self-confidence. Luckily the modern dental filling options are highly aesthetic and blend in well with our teeth color as well as material.

Gone are the days when the patient had to deal with the fact that a large portion of their decayed teeth would be removed before the silver filling would be applied. Nowadays dentists use a minimally invasive way that results in lesser removal of the tooth structure before the filling is applied. This allows the people to have a higher chance of maintaining their natural teeth structure because of the increased strength and ease of cleanliness. If you are looking for an experienced dentist that provides high quality dental care in South Carolina then you should definitely check out the website of Marc Heiden Dentistry.

Gold and silver amalgams are suitable options for those people who have cavities that are spread in a large portion of the teeth. They are not so subtle because they do not blend in well with the tooth structure, therefore you can apply composite fillings that also have lesser impact on the soft tissues surrounding the teeth. If you visit your dentist every week you would be able to maintain composite fillings for up to 5 years.