Way Down We Go

To raise your game, you need to raise the level of your CV. Every company asks for one when you’re on the job hunt so that they can get a summary of what your skills and accomplishments are and so that they can determine how well you’ll fit in with them. Some companies or educational institutions can receive from hundreds to even thousands of applications and it’s just not possible to personally interview everyone to see what they’re professional capabilities are. That’s why a good eye-catching CV is necessary so that when they go over your application, they’re impressed right away and call you in for the next step.

With a great CV, you’ll set up a frame for yourself that can best showcase what you have to offer and, on the side, if you look good on paper then you’ll feel good too. About what you’ve done, your experiences and what you have to look forward to. The chances of getting an interview is a lot better when you’ve written a CV that helps inform others of these strengths. Writing a CV takes a bit of tact however and when you sit down to do it, it can be a bit intimidating.

They need to be concise and to the point. If you spend too much time talking about your interests, sure that’s great to know once you’re hired but if they don’t help your professional skills then your resume will likely be looked over and cast aside. Because of the large supply of workers in many fields, a company looks to who will be the most beneficial to them in terms of skill so that time you swam 100m in 10 seconds, though impressive, is definitely not important. Click here for more info about writing CVs.