Things You Need to Know About Japanese Whiskey

For those who do not know, Japanese whisky has easily become one of the most popular types of whisky in the world. So much so that many people are actually opting for Japanese whisky instead of what is traditionally available, and this trend is something that is only going forward. Despite the fact that this type of whiskey is on the expensive side, as well as the fact that you might not find Japanese whiskey that easily, it is important to know that the Japanese whiskey is miles ahead of what many would consider the pioneer of whiskey that is Scottish whiskey.

So what exactly is the reasoning behind that? Well, to understand it in a better way, it is important to know that there are several factors that put Japanese whiskey ahead of its Scottish counterpart. For starters, you need to understand that a distillery in Japan is capable of making 70 different types of whiskeys, and then you have a distillery that is capable of 40 different type of whiskeys. These are just some of the factors that make the whiskey in Japan so popular. If you want to know about more, this article will be exploring them.

The Competition is Tough

Normally, you would notice that whiskey companies would trade the barrels with each other in order to achieve the balance and the blend. However, in Japan, the competition is so stiff that there is no concept of trading anything between anyone. Keeping the competition tough; this means that every single distillery is responsible for creating their own type of whiskey, which results in the whiskey being entirely different than the other.

Refinement Rather Than Consistency

If you taste the traditional whiskey, you will realize that it will taste the same and consistent throughout the course. Whether you have it right now, or after a few years. However, this type of concept does not apply to the Japanese whisky as the distilleries there are constantly trying to refine their whiskey rather than improving it. This is definitely something important to keep in mind.


Another thing that makes the Japanese whisky so popular is that it uses the scotch ingredients along with several other ingredients that give the whisky the special taste. Sure, now many people might argue that the Japanese whiskey is not going to last long, but keep in mind the whisky has been around since 1920s, and that is not all, throughout the course of the time, the whiskey has seen consistent improvements, making it one of the most demanded whiskeys of all time.

This is for people who are always under the impression that Japanese whiskey is something that is a fad and will soon go away, because that is the not the case. The sad case here is that finding Japanese whiskey outside Japan is not easy because the quantity that is sent to other countries is limited, and normally on the expensive side.