Saved Up Many Pennies

With the modern internet being the powerful platform that it is, if your business lacks a presence on it in the form of its own website, one could argue that your business doesn’t even exist. Many startup entrepreneurs make the mistake of not having a website as a part of their business plan and that leave a huge dent in the growth of your organization. In fact, many businesses have thrived due to the fact that they have never invested in a physical location and instead poured their budget into a well-designed website that was appropriately marketed. The internet is a powerful tool after all.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have millions upon millions of users and with the way their internal logistics work, ads create revenue for them but the more important thing is that the ads that are always appropriate for each individual user are what’s displayed to them based on their clicking patters, groups they’re part of and things they like, share and upload. As such, a company looking to advertise on those giant platforms will find their ads always displayed to the people who would be most likely interested in what products or services they have to offer.

Hence, without something to link back to, it would be difficult for any ad revenue to take place. The many online organizations that have hired people like Digital Renovators to have only a website to their name have performed and grown more than the startups that focused their budget and efforts elsewhere whereas the online revenue generated by customers by placing orders or inquiries on the website is often more than enough for the company to expand to the point of having a physical location at the best possible time where it can now afford the many utility bills that come with it.