Safe And Sterile Equipment

Surgical equipment is expensive, which is why not all of it can be disposable. Yes, there are indeed some parts of it that need to be disposed after use no matter how expensive they were. For the most part, the surgical equipment that doctors use has a long life and can be used to hundreds of patients. To prevent the risk of infection and the transfer of diseases from patient to patient, it’s important that all the equipment used during any procedure is sterilised and disinfected thoroughly.

There are many methods and options when it comes to cleaning surgical instruments. In some cases, multiple methods are employed to keep the instruments disinfected and in other cases one method suffices. Each method has some advantages and then there are disadvantages as well. One of the most common disadvantages that a lot of methods have is the fact that they wear the instruments down a lot faster. There are two stages that need to be observed to keep instruments usable.

Instrument Care

Cleaning and disinfecting the instruments is definitely part of instrument care but instrument storage is also just as important. By using surgical equipment covers, instruments can be stored and kept clean for much longer. This will also help extend their life since surgical instruments are in no way cheap to buy.

Instrument Cleaning

The first and most obvious step involved in instrument cleaning is to rinse them to get rid of all the blood and tissue from the operation. Instruments are usually rinsed using cold water since hot water causes proteins to coagulate. It’s also important to make sure that the water is of a neutral pH level so that the metal of the instruments doesn’t deteriorate.