Rules of a Buck’s Party

If you have been chosen as the best man for your friend’s wedding, then that means that they have placed an incredible amount of trust in you. So, as a best man, it is your job to take care of a couple of responsibilities like accompanying the groom for certain tasks, providing emotional support and, organizing their buck’s party. The buck’s party is the event the groom and all of his friends are looking forward to, so you do have the responsibility and pressure of making sure that things go right. Now there are a few unspoken rules about a buck’s party that you need to make sure to follow.

  • This is really important, but you cannot be having more fun than the groom. A lot of buck’s parties go wrong simply because everyone else starts getting out of hand and being too wrapped up in having fun themselves that they end up forgetting about the groom. So, you cannot get more drunk or party harder than the groom, you need to make sure that they are having fun and letting loose because this party is about them and their fun, not for other people.
  • While we are still on the topic of the groom’s fun, you cannot force the groom to do something they are not comfortable with. So, if he is not comfortable going to strip club, do not force him. Just go dancing or bar hopping. There are a lot of ways to celebrate in Melbourne, so don’t do things at the cost of their comfort.
  • If people are going to be drinking, make sure that there is a designated driver for the night. If there is not a designated driver, either you have to become one, or you have to deal with getting taxis because you need to make sure no one goes behind the wheel while intoxicated.