Pull The Parachute

Trying to hit that big break in your acting career is the big dream not only for you but also for thousands of other actors so you really don’t get to have a break if you plan on making it in the film industry. Everyone wants to star in the bigshot films with big name directors but making your way up that ladder is going to be a long, winding road. You will have to put your all into acting and rehearse a lot because a lot of people seem to think that just anyone can start acting.

That’s far from the truth. There’s a lot more to acting than just putting on a voice or changing your voice a little. Some characters are going to be so different and out of your comfort zone that when you actually try to pull them off, you lack a critical feel that makes the character who they are. To act is to be able to put on a face, maybe even several in the same play and changing mindsets of the characters to see what they see is a talent in itself. A clear voice is crucial to portraying the many characters of different plays.

To get to those stages, you need rapport. Not just work on your lines but your charisma will play a huge role. Social media is a good place to build up a foundation. Many videos and people become viral through those large platforms and Facebook is one of the spearheads of that making it easy to share things across the globe at the click of a button. Contact Christian Capozzoli’s to see how he did it for himself, you’d be surprised what a mere share or like on platforms like Facebook and Youtube can work.