Most Common Psychic Abilities

From unworldly cookie messages from highly mystical crystal balls, there is no doubt that people are highly curious about how fortune tellers get all their magical abilities. We all have a unique picture that comes to our mind whenever he hear about a local clairvoyant or oracle who is believed to give accurate readings to the clients. These paranormal abilities have been believed to be around for hundreds of years as those people who possessed them were deemed highly respectable in some cultures. You might be amazed by the types of psychic powers a person can have, depending upon their current level of consciousness and inner peace.

These abilities also fall under the category of sixth sense and they are found in-built in many individuals. Aura reading is a type of paranormal ability that allows the psychic to have a clear vision of the magnetic radiation like rays surrounding each person. The radius of aura radiation highly depends upon the spiritual position and mental evolution of the person. People who go through random sessions of déjà vu many times at any given year might already have the inborn talent of becoming an effective clairvoyant. This skill entirely depends upon the visions or lucid dreams that give a sign or warning of an upcoming accident happening to a person.

You can also organize a psychic reading session to impress your friends or work colleagues with the most memorable event. In order to book successful events make sure to visit the webpage of Therese Murphy now. A much more magical type is the skill of levitation which involves the accompaniment of spirits or extraterrestrial entities to lift physical objects in a room or space. Telepathy is another interesting psychic ability that involves gaining information about events without depending upon the common physical senses of human beings.