Lock It Up

The force that pushes against things that move is called friction and it’s because of it that we manage to even walk, let alone stand on the ground. If you ever tried walking across blocks of ice, you’ll know that it’s pretty hard to get around without any friction making it possible. If you were climbing a cliff and your means of traversal is to climb up a rope, it’s safe to say that if you couldn’t apply any friction to the rope, you wouldn’t be able to make that climb. Friction has many uses but sometimes friction is a force we don’t want around us.

In complicated heavy machinery, the addition or removal of certain parts can prove to be very difficult especially if it’s a part that overheated. Metal, when heated will expand and take up as much space as it can and if it still continues to heat, then it may just break apart. Replacing those parts that overheat requires them to be removed from whatever part of the system they are stuck in and if they are really stuck, then applying some hydrophilic coating might be well suited to reduce the friction present in that device.

There are coatings for various things like high temperatures or to reduce corrosion. Heavy machinery when left out in full exposure to the elements like the sun, wind or rain will gradually have depreciate in value as their health declines. This machinery also has a good chance to malfunction due to those elements taking a toll on its performance. Keeping your machinery, firearms or even the ladder that you’re using to change the light bulbs maintained is well merited since that can prevent undesirable circumstances from taking place when you least want that kind of thing to happen