Just How Far Do Personal Injury Claims Go?

There are two kind of court systems in Illinois and in the United States in general; the state courts that will take up most and all kinds of cases regarding all kinds of claims and then there’s the federal courts that have limited jurisdiction but they have the most power. Now, naturally almost all personal injury cases that come to court are dealt with by the former but there are still ways you can escalate a federal case out of a personal injury claim.

In Illinois, if you’re injured because of another’s neglectful behaviour, the state court will always be on your side and will see your case through to the end where you’re compensated for the injury you suffer. However, federal courts have jurisdiction over certain personal injury cases as well and you do have to option of involving a federal court into your case if the state court can’t help you beyond a certain point.

Under section 1331 of the American law, federal courts have jurisdiction in all civil actions that arise under the federal laws and treaties and the US constitution. So, when does the matter get so bad that you need to make a federal case out of a personal injury claim? Well, under section 1332, the federal court can be involved in cases between citizens when the amount in controversy is over a sum of $75,000. So basically, if your personal injury claim has extremely high stakes, it falls into federal jurisdiction. However, since the natter is still filled as under state law, federal laws are hardly ever involved; the case is settled the same way as it would be settled in a state court at the end of the day.