Is Getting an Open Wheeler Seat Worth It?

There are two kinds of gamers that you usually come across on the internet; the kind that’s happy to play all games but casually and for fun and then there’s the kind that wants the most immersive gaming experience they can get. If you’re the latter kind of gamers, you’ve found the right address. Gaming is one of those things that can be as good as you want to make it, so why not take things up a notch and bring home an open wheeler seat?

When we talk about the open wheeler seat, we’re bordering between gamer and gearhead territory. However, we believe that if you’re a gearhead then you’re automatically going to be drawn to hardcore racing games. Conversely, if you’re a gamer who likes car racing games, you’ll already be all about cars. In either case, you’ll want an open wheeler seat in front of your gaming PC or console. Here are the pros and cons.


An open wheeler seat is compatible with any and all kinds of gaming consoles. Yep, the console wars end here. These are also built on very lightweight frames which are pretty durable and can be moved around very easily as well. Any racing wheel from a popular manufacturer should fit on the open wheeler seat easily as well. It’s also very comfortable and can be adjusted in any way you could adjust a car’s seat – as part of the experience.


The assembly isn’t very tough but taking the whole thing apart again can be pretty difficult. That said, you should pay very close attention when assembling it for the first time so you don’t have to worry about readjusting the screws later.