Glass Pipes: Understanding The Hype

If you have been a part of the smoking community for a while, you will see that people in the community are further divided into smaller groups based on their preferred method of indulging. Some people are flexible and do not really have a fixed method, so they are open to everything, then there are groups that stick solely to one method, be it bongs, blunts or glass pipes. Currently weed vaping pens are also making their way into becoming a popular method, however, there is a huge majority of people that prefers glass pipes.

Glass pipes, like the name suggests is made of glass and comes in a variety of colors and designs, so there is a lot of room for you to personalize your glass pipe and make it your own. If you are interested in checking out different designs, you can visit

Glass pipes are hyped for a number of reasons apart from their design. Glass pipes are good for people who want to appreciate the taste of the herb because glass, by its nature, is unable to react to things. So, the smoke that passes through the glass pipe is entirely pure and you will only taste the substance and nothing else. So, it is a pretty great option for purists. Glass pipes do not need tobacco, so it is a great option for people who do not want to smoke tobacco because they cannot stand it or might be trying to quit tobacco.

Glass pipes are really easy to use. You do not need extra equipment or other materials to use a glass pipe. So, it is a really simple process that can anyone can follow. Plus, glass does not heat up the way other materials do, so that further adds to the experience.