Finding Your New Mattress

If you have recently gotten rid of your old mattress and are looking into new mattresses, you will find that there are a lot of different brands, models, types and different technologies in every mattress you look at. Now, it is important to remember that mattress choices are subjective since everyone has different needs and finds different criteria more important or comfortable. If you are currently lost and trying to navigate your way round the world of mattresses, you can keep on reading below because we go to the most basic aspect of mattresses, i.e. the different types of mattress. If you are looking for more detailed brand and/or model-based reviews, you can check out mattress battle, a website that does just that.

  • Innerspring mattresses make use of steel coils as their support system. However, the design, number of coils and the shape of the spring can vary with different types. However, the most basic rule is that more coils mean more support, which basically means better quality sleep and support to your body. Innerspring mattresses are relatively affordable and still amongst the most preferred mattress type.
  • Memory foam is currently the most expensive type of mattress in the market, and at the same time, also the most popular one. It stands out because memory foam mattresses can automatically adjust to the contours of your body, making sure your back is properly aligned and supported.
  • Air mattresses can be customized to your own desired level of firmness through the use of an air pump. They consist of layers of foam as well, so it is comfortable. However, it is not that great an option in terms of providing spinal alignment since it cannot adjust itself to your body the way foam mattresses can. So, they are not very popular.