Basketball Shooting Drills

Like with any other sport, you have to practice to get better at a game like basketball. And while that means playing more regularly, it also means having specialized trainings where you can better yourself at the game by practicing certain plays or practicing certain aspects of the game. Shooting is the most important part of basketball. You cannot score any points if you are not shooting the ball at the hoop and getting it in. So it is very important for you to run shooting drills so that your point scoring ability gets better and better with each drill and practice session. So in this article we will be talking about some of the best basketball training drills for beginners who want to get better at shooting.

A great shooting drill is the bedtime drill. This is a drill you can do anyplace that you can lie down, even lying down on your bed. The way this drill works is that you lie down flat on your back and grab a basketball. You then shoot the basketball straight up in the air and catch it with your shooting hand. You have to shoot with your finger not your palm, get the proper elbow snap when shooting, and also fully extend your wrist. Once you have thrown the ball, try to see if the ball is wavering or if it goes straight. Do this around 50 times and try to get straight spins that come right back down the same way they went up. Other variations of this are the chair shot drill, which is more or less the same but you do it sitting down in a chair, or even standing up. This will help you shoot straight and increase the accuracies of your shots in game.